HIV DNA Qualitative PT Program

The goal of the VQA Qualitative HIV-1 DNA Proficiency Testing (PT) program is to assess the proficiency of NIAID/DAIDS-supported and other interested research laboratories at performing Qualitative HIV-1 DNA assaysEach participating site will be asked to perform 2 PT panels throughout the year, each PT panel consists of 8 whole blood samples from well characterized donors that are collected, processed, and characterized by the Duke VQA Team. As part of the Qualitative HIV-1 DNA testing, the sites will characterize the PT panel samples as HIV positive or HIV negative, which will be used to evaluate site performance. 

Laboratories are not to share information regarding kit components or their results with other laboratories until the study is completed and the final data has been analyzed. Laboratories should run their EP in their own laboratory and should not subcontract out testing.  Participating laboratories will be blinded with a unique VQA site ID.  Each laboratory will be unblinded with respect to only their datasets. Sites can only report results for their site.