HIV RNA Quantitative PT Program

HIV-1 RNA quantitation is important for monitoring the health and treatment of HIV-1 infected patients. The VQA HIV RNA Quantitative Proficiency Testing Program assesses the proficiency of NIAID/DAIDS-supported and other interested research laboratories at performing Quantitative HIV-1 RNA assays for determination of viral load. Throughout the year, sites are asked to analyze 6 Proficiency Testing (PT) panels consisting of 5 spiked plasm/serum samples and one control sample with a known viral load. All panels provided were collected, processed, and characterized by the Duke VQA team. 

As part of Quantitative HIV-1 RNA testing, the sites will generate a viral load (copies/mL) and Log10 values which will be used to evaluate site performance.  Site-reported viral loads from participating labs will be summarized using means, medians, %CVs, standard deviations, and ranges. Statistical assessment, troubleshooting, final report, and discussion of results will occur between participating laboratories and VQA/NIAID. Participating laboratories are blinded with a unique VQA site ID, and each laboratory is unblinded to only their data sets.